Taking Care of Teacher

Getting My Certifications

Jeezum Crow! This is something I actually get to think about now? I don't know if I should be excited or terrified! As soon as I get back to NYC in August, I am going to have to start taking my certification tests. I can't believe it is finally here or that I am that… Continue reading Getting My Certifications

Taking Care of Teacher

*SMH*….but at least I have a plan!

My teacher training hit a little....bump in the road....during my sophmore year, when our department got a new professor. I am going to spare any venting, but long story short, I am in a dual certification program, have taken two special education courses, and cannot even write an IEP. Fastforward to the present, where I… Continue reading *SMH*….but at least I have a plan!

Taking Care of Teacher


I have always loved yoga, ever since I got a little workout DVD from McDonald's (of all places) when I was about 10 years old. I practiced sporradically, and always independently, until I took my first class last fall. I was already interested and fairly knowledgable on the spiritual side of yoga and mindfulness, but… Continue reading Yoga