Classroom Culture

Team Building Games

Have you ever thought of asking your entire class to cross a river a lava using only 10 pieces of paper? "Cross the River" is one of my favorite team building games because it can take hours for the students to crack, and it is very low effort on the teacher's part. All you need… Continue reading Team Building Games

Classroom Culture


On February 14th, I had to visit the London Empathy Museum's exhbition "A Mile in My Shoes," which turned out to be the most perfect way to spend my Valentine's Day. I walked into the 'shoe shop,' which was shaped like a giant shoe box, and requested a pair of size 6 shoes. I was… Continue reading Empathy

Classroom Culture

Nature Integration

If you look at my¬†philosophies¬†page, you will notice that I mention this peculiar reformation system called nature integration. Those who subscribe to nature integration believe that human's are hurting themselves through their increasing separation from the natural world, a phenomenon journalist Richard Louv labels "Nature Deficit Disorder". Here is a quick list of the benefits… Continue reading Nature Integration