Taking Care of Teacher

Getting My Certifications

Jeezum Crow! This is something I actually get to think about now? I don't know if I should be excited or terrified! As soon as I get back to NYC in August, I am going to have to start taking my certification tests. I can't believe it is finally here or that I am that… Continue reading Getting My Certifications

Growth Mindsets

Tough Mudder for Brains

Last week, I registered for my first ever Tough Mudder Challenge (Yikes!), and I have been working my buns off training for it. Even though it is in June, I started a workout schedule in January. It has been an incredible experience watching my muscles grow and the workouts get easier with every passing day.… Continue reading Tough Mudder for Brains

Growth Mindsets

I love sandwiches, but….

Giving feedback can be really difficult, especially when you are a perfectionist (like me). I will openly admit to wanting to nit-pick all of my students' work, even though I knew it would be unfair to them and that it would take me hours to get through me grading. Thankfully, I know the sandwich method.… Continue reading I love sandwiches, but….

Taking Care of Teacher

*SMH*….but at least I have a plan!

My teacher training hit a little....bump in the road....during my sophmore year, when our department got a new professor. I am going to spare any venting, but long story short, I am in a dual certification program, have taken two special education courses, and cannot even write an IEP. Fastforward to the present, where I… Continue reading *SMH*….but at least I have a plan!