Back to School

Welcome back to school!

I cannot wait to meet you all and to learn about the amazing adventures you all had this summer. Let’s plan to bring in one favorite picture of us from this summer to share with the class.

Here! To get things started, I will show you a picture of my dog (Abby), one of my best friends (Annie), and me (Miss Deryn!) on top of the mountain we spent an afteroon hiking together.


Classroom Policies

As we get ready to kick things off, I would like to mention a few policies for everyone to follow during out time together.

  • Electronics may be used in class as a tool. Games, music, and other usages are privileges which must be earned as a reward for your hard work.
  • Only one student may leave to use the restroom at once. You must sign out (so I know where you are, should anything happen), and take the pass (so other adults know that you are a-ok to be walking around).
  • My books are there to share. However, I love my books dearly, so please treat them kindly and return them when you are finished.
  • I only participate in learning environments which are safe/positive for everyone, and I ask you all to do the same. Together, we will create a team that is dedicated to everyone’s learning, with an understanding that everyone moves at their own pace.




In our classroom, there will never be any such thing as bad or irrelevant questions. Everyone is encouraged to explore the world around them in whatever ways their minds decide to wander and wonder. If a question is on topic, students will be encouraged to look up the answer on their devices and to share out – thus continuing everyone’s learning. If the question is off topic, it will be written on the question wall to be considered at the end of the day.

Family Involvement:

It is my belief that learning does not end when the student leaves for home at the end of the school day. Therefore, I ask that families encourage their students to continue asking questions and exploring their worlds. In return, I will constantly update families on what is going on in the classroom through a weekly newsletter. If a family member has a skill or expertise that is relevant to a topic we are exploring, I am always looking for guests to come into the classroom to help and share!

Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I think family-teacher-student communication is the key to a successful learning process, and I hope that you will agree with me.


Alright friends, let’s make a deal. If you work extremely hard throughout the day, I will do my best not to assign homework. After school ends, you should be taking time to relax and play. However, I do have some conditions and exceptions:

  1. You will be expected to spend 3 hours a week reading for fun outside of school. This may be broken up however you like, but must be logged and submitted every Friday morning. You may choose the book, but it should be at your appropriate reading level. I am always available to give suggestions.
  2. I encourage you to play outside. I understand weather and location can be a challenge, but I still usually ask for 2 hours of outdoor play a week to be logged and submitted with the reading.
  3. Questions should never be forgotten! Everyday, when you go home from school, I would like my students to discuss the day’s learning with member(s) of their families, and together, I would like you to think of one question to continue our learning. This should be written on a post-it note and brought into class the next morning.
  4. Some of our projects will require some at-home collaboration, so of course that will happen…at home.
  5. Our class time will have a very regimented schedule to ensure we cover all of the learning we need to throughout our busy days. If students struggle to finish their work in a timely manner, they may be asked to complete their work at home.