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DASA Training Tonight

Quick words to the wise, lovies: If your college or university offers a free version of the state mandated workshops, please take them. Don't me like me.... I have to go out tonight to the Department of Ed Headquarters in Brooklyn to sit through a 3 hour training that I had to pay $60 out… Continue reading DASA Training Tonight

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Updates from a Crazy Semester

So we all knew this semester might kill me, but good news: I somehow lived! It was definitely one of the busiest semesters I have ever had (which is saying something), and I am definitely glad it is about to end. To save us all time, I am going to tell you the 10 top… Continue reading Updates from a Crazy Semester

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Application and Interview Tips

A few months ago, I got a message on LinkedIn from Achievement First (a network of charter schools that expands through RI, CT, and Brooklyn. They saw my experience with Practice Makes Perfect, and thought I would be a great candidate for their Teacher-In-Residence program, which is basically an in house version of Teach for… Continue reading Application and Interview Tips

Book Review

New Blog Friends and New Teacher Friends

Last week, I was telling you about that awesome webinar I did on growth mindsets, and how it led me to join the Create-Abilities Teachers Facebook group. I have zero regrets about joining this group, and I actually get really excited when someone posts something new. One of these posts was put in the group… Continue reading New Blog Friends and New Teacher Friends