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International Moving Takes a lot Out of You

Hello friends! I am not going to apologize for being away for alomst a month, mostly because I hate apologizing for everything, especially when that thing is doing what I need to take care of myself. So instead, I will say thank you for the patience, and reassure you that I will be coming back… Continue reading International Moving Takes a lot Out of You

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New Blog Friends and New Teacher Friends

Last week, I was telling you about that awesome webinar I did on growth mindsets, and how it led me to join the Create-Abilities Teachers Facebook group. I have zero regrets about joining this group, and I actually get really excited when someone posts something new. One of these posts was put in the group… Continue reading New Blog Friends and New Teacher Friends

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Create-Abilities’ Growth Mindset Webinar

The Create-Abilities' webinar on growth mindsets has been coming up as a suggested advertisement on my Facebook for about the past month. Last week, when the ad came up, I saw the webinar was *finally* scheduled on a day that I could attend! I immediately signed up, and was looking forward to it all week.… Continue reading Create-Abilities’ Growth Mindset Webinar