Growth Mindsets

I love sandwiches, but….

Giving feedback can be really difficult, especially when you are a perfectionist (like me). I will openly admit to wanting to nit-pick all of my students’ work, even though I knew it would be unfair to them and that it would take me hours to get through me grading.

Thankfully, I know the sandwich method.

It is an easy peasy way to give feedback, to anyone, anywhere, in a way that is provides the student with a moment to shine and a moment to grow.

How does it work, you ask?


Everytime you are giving feedback start with a compliment, lead into an area of growth, and then end with another compliment.

It may seem silly, but by using the sandwich method you avoid two deadly traps

  1. The Death Spiral of Nit-Picking – Focusing on one area of growth makes things more manageable for you and for the students! Once they master that, you can move on to the next area of growth.
  2. Disempowering Your Students – The worst thing in the world is for a student to feel like they are being critiqued instead of their work. Using the sandwich method can help your students remember that they are a learning all-star, who constantly uses their growth mindsets to motivate their learning.


This post is making me hungry! Let’s go find some sandwiches 🙂


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