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Finland Trip – Intro

I am still trying to work out the kinks (ie solidify which schools I will be observing), but from April 15 – 21, I will be staying in Helsinki to observe local Finnish schools (most likely in Espoo)!

I knew I would be doing some international travel during my time studying abroad in London, but it wasn’t until I had been here for about a month that I realized I could realistically visit my favorite school district in the world. When I mentioned the idea to my mum, she told me I had to go. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For those who don’t know, Finland consistantly ranks as one of the top education systems in the entire world, and for good reason: they put emphasis on keeping children at the center of the learning, regardless of age or ability. Additionally, Finland regards their teachers the same as Americans regard engineers or doctors – they are well paid, well respected, and an integral part in curriculum development. Most of my philosophies are based on Finnish schools, or align with their examples, such as nature integration, arts integration, child-drive exploration, and a focus on play.

I could not be more excited to go explore a new country and a new type of school. This will be my first time observing in a foreign system! I will write back as much as I can, and work on finding ways to implement everything I have learned into my practice.

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