Taking Care of Teacher


I have always loved yoga, ever since I got a little workout DVD from McDonald’s (of all places) when I was about 10 years old. I practiced sporradically, and always independently, until I took my first class last fall.

I was already interested and fairly knowledgable on the spiritual side of yoga and mindfulness, but it wasn’t until I entered that community that I began to recognize ways to incorporate yoga into my entire life. I finally realized that yoga wasn’t the stretches and poses; those were parts of Yoga.

Since then, I have been able to implement a yogi awareness into most everything I do. This simply means that I listen to my body.

When I am anxious, I pause and do a body scan to determine the cause of the anxiety. If there isn’t one, I simply acknowledge my anxiety with as much self love as is possible.

When I am hungry, I ask myself what I am hungry for. I can discover so much about what is going on in my physcial and mental health based on what my body is craving.

When I am feeling like I want to fast forward the next year of my life so I can get into the classroom and teach already, I remind myself to be aware of the moment I am in; to be thankful for all that is around me.

I tried to use meditation in my classroom this summer, but my rising 7th graders were ‘too cool’ for it, and I do not think I had long enough to dedicate to form a routine for mindfulness that was able to break down those barriers. I hope to be able to use Yoga more effectively when I begin my student teaching next spring, as well as when I eventually get my own classroom.

In fact, I am hoping to be enrolling in a yoga instructor training designed specifically for teachers, called Breathe for Change. It is either a 2 week training in the summer, or a series of weekend sessions in the fall and spring, that teaches not only how to do yoga, but also how to use it in the classroom, and how to implement it in your own life to avoid the dreaded Teacher Burnout. Hopefully I will manage to get myself enrolled, and will be able to continue updating you on the amazing work that BFC does!

breathe for change


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