Miss Deryn

I am a student at Wagner College working towards a dual degree in Childhood Education and Theater. I have deep seeded passion for helping every student learn to the best of their abilities, in a way that creates a safe and positive space for all. I am rather found of service leadership, creativity, yoga, and books. My dream is to be a mover and shaker in fixing the broken American Education System by allowing students to take leadership over their learning, regardless of their age or ability.

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I have spent many an hour sifting through Pinterest, trying to find good blog posts about what it is like to be a preservice teacher who is super excited to get into the classroom and to start making change in the lives of children, while also focusing of things like self care and social issues that also come into play during all of that. So, I decided to make my own blog in the hopes that my stories and philosophies will be of use to other preservice teachers as I get ready to navigate my senior year of college, become a fully certified teacher in the state of New York, and prepare to apply for jobs in New York City.

With a see a need, fill a need mentality, I hope that this website and blog can be a resource for all those crazy hippie teacher ladies out there, like me.


If you have any ideas or questions you would like to see explored on this blog, please let me know!